Motorcycle hire

I service and repair motorcycles.
Pretty much everything as long as parts are available or as long as it's worthwhile to make a plan. The oldest bike I worked on so far was a 1929 FN which should pretty much explain the "making a plan" part.
Whilst dual sport bikes became a passion and professional specialty since I moved to South Africa in 2000 I will of course also not turn you away if you arrive on a road bike or a cruiser.
Some remarkable bikes in my career were Honda CB Fours, a CBX, Various VF's and VFR's, Katanas, the whole phletora of 1980's and 1990's superbikes and even a Bimota DB2.
Some I owned, some my customers owned, work I did on all of them. Each and every one was fulfilment to work on and a blast to ride afterwards - even if it was only a customers bike taken for a short test ride.

Beyond performing regular service and repairs of wear & tear and accident damage I offer a wide range of engineering solutions for example professional & guaranteed thread repairs, suspension upgrades and modification and once off or mini series manufacture of accessories or performence parts.

I also offer engine rebuilds from cylinder rebore + oversize piston via top end rebuild to full top end and bottom end rebuild.

The workshop is located in:
Unit B9 Edgemead Business Park
Edgemead 7441
Cape Town

Please phone me on 072 259 0009 before you visit!